Story by Times Record Staff:

With the donation of nearly 160,000 pounds of chicken from OK Foods, the River Valley Regional Food Bank is organizing the Great Chicken Giveaway food distribution to families in need today.

Each vehicle will be provided with a 40-pound box of frozen chicken products starting at 7 a.m. at Kay Rodgers Park, 4400 Midland Blvd., Fort Smith.

Traffic will be directed in a one-way-in-one-way-out method. Residents should only enter the park through the Midland Boulevard entrance and exit on to North 50th, according to a news release.

Donation directions

In order to maintain the health and safety of the public, the Fort Smith Police Department will direct drivers to the appropriate place, the release adds. Multiple lines will be created to improve traffic flow. Drivers and passengers will be asked to stay inside their vehicles with windows up.

As the driver moves the vehicle into the receiving area, they will be asked to open their trunks, preferably without leaving their vehicle. Volunteers will then place the donated product in the trunk of a vehicle or truck bed. Volunteers will never hand the product directly to anyone for any reason.

“Adequate trunk space must be available for the product to be placed in the trunk,” the release adds. “All individuals who attend will have the responsibility to guarantee this. Failure to abide by this process may result in the driver being excused from the line without receiving product.”


The contact for volunteers is Morgan Osman at or 479-883-8814.

Participants in the event include Hugg and Hall, Geno’s Pizza of Alma, the City of Fort Smith, the Fort Smith Police Department, Van Buren Police Department and Time Striping.