Hundreds of homes and businesses throughout the River Valley have been impacted by the worst flooding the Arkansas River has seen since 1957. When the water levels began to rise, community leaders started coordinating flood relief efforts to help those who have been affected.

Trent Goins, President of OK Foods, did not hesitate to lead a plan that would provide meals to all those in need. The company has prepared more than 10,000 meals in the last week alone. “We won’t have people in this area that are displaced go hungry. That’s the last thing we want to see happen,” said Goins.

OK Foods, working alongside several businesses and volunteers, began cooking in downtown Fort Smith on Tuesday, May 28th. The prepared food was then distributed to various centers around town where anyone could stop by and grab a meal.

By providing donations, resources and labor in a time of need, our community members have shown what it means to be River Valley Strong. If you are interested in helping with the flood relief efforts, you can visit or text Flood2019 to 91999.