OK Foods Awarded Top Hatch and Top Chicks Ross 308 By Aviagen North America

FORT SMITH, Ark. (November 9, 2015) – OK Farms, a subsidiary of OK Foods, received the Top Hatch and Top Chicks award during the 2014 Flock Awards hosted by Aviagen North America.  OK Farms produces the Avia ngen exclusive Ross 308 and 708 chicks.  The award recognized OK Farms as having the highest percentage of total eggs hatched, as well as first place for the highest number of Ross 308 chicks hatched per hen housed.

Gary Hogue, Vice President of Live Production, credited the award to exemplary farmers in the OK Farms family.  “Our farmers are the backbone of our company,” said Hogue. “There efforts to create the highest quality farms with an emphasis on the health of our chickens allows us to provide our high quality product in a safe and effective manner.”

The award was given by Randall Vickery, Aviagen’s Regional Technical Manager. Vickery stated:

“We at Aviagen applaud the outstanding results achieved by our North American customers in 2014. Through their diligence, top-notch profieciency and hard work, they’ve skillfully demonstrated the performance potential of the Ross 708 and 308 breeders.”